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2022-09-26 (Mon): It took Google Play 12 days and a message to the Google Play support team inquiring about our status for them to finally approve an update. This is unacceptable, and it shows how inferior the Android ecosystem is compared to Apple. People asked us why we developed an iPhone app 2 years ago and no Android app; there's your answer.

Furthermore, several users decided to make themselves feel better by leaving a 1-star review and snarky comments when we had clearly identified the problem. We have always said to email us about questions or concerns, yet for some reason some people get off by leaving a developer a bad review thinking that is going to help solve the problem. It doesn't. It shows how ungrateful you are for what we have tried to build.

As a result, we are pulling this app from the Google Play store. We are not sure if or when we will bring it back. Hopefully some of your attitudes will change and become more appreciative for our efforts. We worked for 2 months developing and testing this app, but Android is a sorry platform and some users can't appreciate something that is "free."

We may see you again, we may not. In the meantime, enjoy the site on the web and/or get an iPhone.

We have tested our app, but due to the large number of Android devices on the market and the fragmentation across Android operating systems, there may be bugs we were not able to detect prior to release.

If you experience a crash, please reopen the app after the crash. This will typically send a crash report to Google Play where we will be able to review it. There is no personal data transmitted to us, rather this is just technical data that will show us where in the code the crash occurred and will hopefully lead us to a fix.

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